What materials do you use for your work?

For most of my digital illustrations, I use Procreate on the iPad! For traditional media, I love working with markers and pen.

For design projects, I use the usual Adobe Creative Cloud programs (InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator).

Do you recommend studying Graphic Design?

Yes! All in all, school is a very personal decision. I joined an associates program, and really enjoyed my time there. A lot of people get their bachelors degree as well - but in my experience, that isn't always necessary.

If you can manage to build a quality portfolio, that will take you far. That's what makes graphic design a bit different than other careers!

What advice can you give me if I'm a new Illustrator or Designer?

1. Practice, practice, practice. Keep drawing and designing. Concentrate on growing as much as you can. Look at what others do (your peers, instructors, professionals) and see how you can apply it to yourself in a different way.

2. Build your own defining style, or a set of styles. Don't copy others, but certainly gain inspiration from the world around you. Sometimes it helps to think of a theme - do you like horror, animals, or landscapes? Try to hone in on what kind of things you like and build a body of work based on that.

3. Keep in the loop by consistently improving, updating, and educating yourself. Things change fast in this digital world, so it's important to stay up to date on latest trends and technologies. This can also mean refreshing your work and portfolio fairly frequently to not let it get stale.

4. Be visible! Post on social media, purchase an artist booth, or join an art gallery. Anything you can do to get your work out there is going to not only feel good, but help you keep that confidence and improve.

Do you take commissions?

I do - whether it's an illustrated piece, book cover, or some other design, I'm your girl. Just send me a message at ashleynicoledraws@gmail.com, or through the contact form on this site.

Be sure to check out my Commissions Info page for details. I look forward to hearing from you!